Venice: the city of “Cupid”

Venice: for Happiness & Holiday

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Venice is really a mystical city, the moment I reached Venice, my first thought was “Love is actually in the air”. Venice also called Venezia in Italian, is perhaps the most romantic and special place in the world since it has encouraged lots & lots of artistes and musicians for centuries, fascinating them with its unique splendor. There are thousand motivations to visit Venice, all you need is just to be there. Venice is a wistful city of picturesque paths, antique bridges, mouthwatering cuisine, Gondolas with the boatmen whirring Italian tunes in a magical air. Huge twisty canals, bridges and lovely water-ways in Venice makes it more gorgeous.

Venice: A Perfect Holiday

It seems like this place has been designed for couples, love birds and cynical romantic people. This place is so tranquil, structured and hassle-free, in other word it’s a perfect gateway for people who wants to unwind and enjoy the moment with love ones. In this blog, I will share my beautiful experience in this magical floating city including my stay, food and shopping.

Mesmerizing Venice

So, we reached here early morning by train Italia and our day commenced with an incredible sunrise, which offered us chance to shoot lots of beautiful pictures in front of ‘Santa Maria della Salute’ at the mainland & harbor along with flock of beautiful pigeon, this will be the 1st thing you see just after getting out of Venice train station, It was really a stunning ether. When we walked towards the Venezia city.

After having some mouthfuls of pizza and sips of cappuccino, we decided to visit St. Mark’s Basilica, here we had a tour of 11th century cathedral, which is entitled Chiesa D’Oro or Church of Gold, an emblem of affluence and authority with gold mosaic decorative. It takes around 30 to 45 mins to visit the cathedral, depends on the queue and similar to its name, the cathedral rang with the supremacy and opulence of Venice and left us in complete wonder. After visiting this beautiful cathedral, we decided to explore vicinities and it was beautiful, the first outlook that struck us was the Grand Canal, which runs through this lovely city, all over water taxis, gondolas and bigger ferries (vaporetto) ply attractive channels and serve as the public transport of the city. So this city has water which replaces the roads. We decided to take a walk to Rialto Bridge and from there we took Gondola (it’s a most magnificent form of boat) to Piazza San Marco, which is the main square in the Venice. The ride was wonderful since we could see a great view of the canals.

Tip of the Trip – although gondolas are the prettiest form of the boats available here, but they cost up to 85-90 Euros instead the ferry or public transport is the cheaper mode of travel.

We stepped off the gandola and decided to spree on a fancy launch. However, restaurants here are highly expensive, but I wanted to experience the square in all its magnificence, with an open-air ambiance and abundant views, we sat down for some authentic Italian pizzas & pastas. Really awesome! Amongst the blissful atmosphere, I had my favorite pasta Fettuccine al pomodoro.

Tip of the Trip – For a more cost-effective eating options, search for combo meal option or trattorias (trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante) or family run restaurants.

After this amazing lunch, we wanted to explore this beautiful city by walk, so we started wandering the passages, we stopped often for pictures almost at every spots, corner and bridge and some bridges are truly like fairy tales. This place is an ideal location for shooting couple pictures, extremely romantic like Yash chopra’s movies sets. Also, if you are roaming in Venice and haven’t tasted Geleto, then you missed something really important, there is nothing better than a soothing stroll along the stunning alleys of Venice with a delicious and refreshing gelato in hand.

Tip of the Trip – Try to reach this place in the afternoon, so that you can get enough sunlight to click beautiful pictures. Also for Geleto, do try Crema del Doge flavor, fruity sticks and chocolate, vanilla or stracciatella flavors. Also, there are lots & lots of branded shops in the market, if you want to shop luxury stuffs you can definitely try.

After lil bit more exploration in the street, we arrived at Rialto. There are full of shops line the large stone bridge on all sides and rapidly, there’s a rush of people around us. This is the place where most of the people buy their souvenirs, so I also bought a typical Venetian mask, colorful mockups of gondolas, Venetian costumes and some glass jewelries (glass products are exceptionally beautiful and reasonable here).

Tip of the Trip: Do barging while shopping here, since most of the shop keepers and street sellers are Bangladeshi so they do understand ‘Hindi’ and English very well, you can make a good connect and barging. If you find this place lil bit expensive, you can shop at Cannaregio Street or near by station.

Lots of world class brand shops in Venice

And finally, the incredible sunset time came at Rialto Bridge for which everyone have been impatiently waiting for, we also secure our position on top of the bridge facing Grand canal to witness the world’s most romantic and spectacular sunset, however from this place we could enjoy another fantastic, iconic view of this city. Sunset in Venice is known to be world’s most glorious sunset. Also, it’s a saying that if two lovers kiss under the bridge at sunset, their love will be eternal.

Certainly, the sun started setting down and it was a breath-taking moment; the sun reflecting its colors on the canal water, the sky was turning red with some shades of pink and orange and an utter beauty all around. Sunset in Venice is tough to describe and pictures don’t do justice to it. The only way to really enjoy it is viewing it in person. However, if you happen to sail the Grand Canal at sunset time, you are in for a soulful delight. In the milieu of cotton candy pink sky, the sun’s comfy milky hues forms a golden radiance, which is truly miraculous, it makes the Venice looks a paradise. Sunset in Venice is actually an unforgettable moment.

Venice: Boat Ticket Counter

Tip of the Trip: secure your place on top of the Rialto Bridge before 20 mins of sunset to have better view and click some magnificent photos, since it becomes extremely crowded during sunset.

After experiencing a marvelous sunset and taking striking pictures at the bridge, we took a water-bus in the direction to our place. In the evening, we did some city walk in dazzling moon light along with the cacophony of the market, quiet splashing of the water, and soothe music of street musicians, which was actually feeling like romanticism in the air…..much of Bollywood.

There are lots of delightful cafes, restaurants and bars in the city. So, we ended our astonishing Venice trip with a wonderful banquet along with “Margherita Pizza” and Sangiovese wine. It was truly a divine experience.

“Venice has always fascinated me, its city of love & romance, a majesty of beautiful feelings and a mesmerizing painting of an artist”.




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