ROME : The city of illusion, ethos and antiquity

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Before being in Rome, I actually had kinda bizarre perception about this city, may be because of such phrases, which I used to hear since my childhood like ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ or ‘all roads leads to Rome’ etc. etc. I think, some Hollywood movies like Gladiator, Cleopatra and Centurion also made me prejudiced-to make such perception about this city. Whenever, I used to think about Rome, an ancient comical scenes reel with Julius Caesar with lots of gladiators, huge Roman Empires, Roman civilization and sculptures craving arts on the streets, romantic songs everywhere around the city.

Colosseum View: ROME

Nonetheless, when I actually gotten into Rome, my perception converted into reality with even the better acumen. There’s no dwelling like it, the history, the crowd, the ancient houses, the Italian wine & cuisine and the ton of travelers. If you walk down the roads and next to a contemporary building are ruins dating back thousands of years around every corner of this enigmatic city. The city is filled with life, splendor, and charisma.


Early morning, we started our Rome trip with hot cappuccino and our first stop was the Colosseum,by the way you can’t explore Rome without visiting the Colosseum, the most iconic presence of Rome. It is the most remarkable building of the Roman Empire, formerly known as a Fl-avian Amphitheater, it’s really massive, more than I thought.

Colosseum: Inside central auditorium view

It could accommodate more than 50,000 audiences and is perhaps very famous for bloody sagas of gladiators, prisoners and slaves to be served to the lions. However, there is a lot to explore other than this about the marvelous Roman Empire and the imperative part that Colosseum essentially played.


The Colosseum’s entry fee is €12 which includes admission to the Palestine Hill and Roman Forum too, if you are a history lover like me then you can also opt for an audio guide which will cost you €10 more but it’s worth taking this. I would suggest, you should buy tickets yourself rather than being trapped by Guides which might catch you outside of the Colosseum along with some lucrative plans. The Colosseum is amongst very crowded dwellings, no doubt because of its magnificent architecture and incredible antiquity.

After the Colosseum visit, we headed towards the Palantine Hill,its next to the Colosseum building;where the Roman Emperors used live and practice war activities. You can have a wonderful view of the Circus Maximus, Roman Forum, Colosseum and the rest of Rome from this place. After that we gustedour way through the nearby ruins, that lieddisseminated and roostedhazardously,it was like very hoary, but startling shrines.



After this grand history walk, we decided to relish some Italian cuisines; there were lots of tiny cafes and bistros near Colosseum, which offers combo Italian lunch and buffet along with wine or beer.

Bird enjoying the Colosseum View 😉

Our next sojourn was Trevi Fountain, which was quite a far from Colosseum, but we decided to take a walk from there since we also wanted to explore the glory of the city, and trust me it was a brilliant idea, while visiting the city you must carry a city map its really helpful. So, after a long walk we finally reached to this gorgeous fountain ‘Trevi Fountain’, its one of the major attraction of the Rome.

It’s a belief that ‘Rome trip is not accomplished until you don’t throw a coin into the glowing blue water of the city’s most boisterous fountain, the Fontana Di Trevi”, if you throw a coin into Trevi fountain you ensure your reappearance to Rome. Also, around Trevi you can enjoy Gelato and traditional Italian street foods, its quite a happening place to ramble around.

Throw a coin back to Trevi Fountain, and you’ll come back here soon !

After this startling city visit the only wish we could have been to make our tummy happy with Italian cuisine and wine, so we decided to go for a candle light dinner, since there were several cafes and restaurants available alongside the street with amusing decorated ambiance and attractive menu-boards, it was difficult to choose where to go, finally we got the one which was posing all sort of best deals with food and wines. As being an Indian, I believe that Italian food is one of the few global cuisines that I love most. Without wasting a single minuet, we ordered the Pizza Margherita, penne Pasta, Risotto and Barolo red wine and believe me it was a heavenly experience.

( Street Artist with amazing talent of using Fire & Spray Paints to make mind blowing Frames) 

The next day we planned to reconnoiter few other glories of the Roman era and the Vatican museums, Sistine chapel & St. Peter’s basilica off the top of my head.Since, we were running short of time, so we decided to finish our Vatican trip in 3 hours. Finally, we started touring the best of the Vatican collection with our expert guide, including ancient sculpturegalleries and the fabulous Hellenistic ‘Laocoön’. The Vatican Museumwas literallyimpressive, with nine miles of art, sculpture, wall-hangings, maps and ruinsconfinedinside, as well as Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.


Without spending much time in Sistine Chapel we headed to St. Peter’s Basilica. Here, our guide left us alone to discover the beauty of the Basilica on our own. Although, here is the tips for you guys, please don’t waste your time standing in long queue instead pre-book your tickets online or at ticket booth a day before andsave the time to explore the best and most gratifying stories of the Vatican.

How could I finish my Rome tour without visiting Spanish Steps or‘the Scalinata Di Trinitàdei Monti’, it’s a paradise for Shopaholic and brand lovers, shopping near the Spanish Steps is an indubitably vibrant experience. It’s the place for fashion maniacs, almost world’s all the top brands are there you name it and it has it – brands like Gucci, Armani, Bulgari, Cartier, and Rolex, Pucci, Versace, Missoni, Fendi, Prada, Armani, and Valentino and what not, all these brands are sited in some famous streets such as Via Condotti, Via del Babuino and Via Frattina – these are deliberated as a pivot of shopping in Rome. It’s a kind of hang out place, including Italian cafes, restaurants and per se the most happening places of Rome. Also, we clicked some pictures at the Spanish Steps, the voyage of irregular stairs and quays that lead up to the French church of Trinitàdei Monti. When we reached here, the place was extremely jam-packed with tourists, but we sat there for an hour and enjoyed a gelato.

Spanish Steps: ROME

After exploring Rome, I realized why this city call ‘Eternal City’. I just fell in love with this city, its magnificent landmarks, ruins, piazzas, and fountains and Roman cuisine are just magical. The city is the blend of splendor and history. It’s a bliss for voyagers.

“Rome is the city of illusion, city of ethos and city of antiquity”

Rome: I am Impressed, will come soon again !

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