TRIUND: trek to rejuvenate soul & mind


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It was a peak summer in Delhi, the climate was quite sizzling; my body & soul got incisive to trek some beautiful mountain and unleash the splendor of nature to rejuvenate…. judiciously my mind started finding some striking bleaky trekking places. After doing quite a lot of Google workout, We ended-up with zero upshot; but luckily, we snipped a place looking like a blissful mountain, covered with green lashed blanket, enclosed by snow-capped peaks, just beholding as a paradise, and eventually that place was decided as our next travel depot. It was “Triund”, the Lure of Mcleodganj & Himachal, a trekker’s true delight!


Since, Himachal is not very far from Delhi ~ 10hrs journey, so we decided to take a HP state Volvo bus to reach Mcleodganj on Friday night and early morning ~ 6AM we reached Mcleodganj. There were already lots of temporary guest hoses available in Mcleodganj, few are agents and they can rent you a tent and sleeping bag for Triund. But, thankfully we had already booked our camp and mountain guide for this trek. I was quite sure that the trek gonna be very exhausting, so we had very heavy breakfast, accordingly.

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We met our guide Mr. Arjun and our trekking group at 12 pm at security check post; before starting Triund trek one has to undergone a security check, also any type alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited during the Trek. After, an impetus and enthusiastic speech of Mr. Arjun, we started our trek and targeted to reach the camping site before 5 pm. I would suggest while trekking keep yourself as light as possible, since I was carrying a huge hefty bag which caused me a big obstacle in my whole trekking. 

Trek is all green and scenic: Triund

The initial stretch of the trek seemed quite easy but after sometimes, I realized its not at all a cakewalk. The road was very narrow steep, stony and patchy but thankfully there were lots of small stalls and shops selling fruits, maggi, water-bottles, tea, biscuits and snakes; though we were taking lots of frequent breaks to reboot but the journey was peaceful and very close to nature to witness some amazing views. On the way, we spotted a small snacks kiosk; took a break to have some refreshments and interestingly the shop was named Magic View Café; it proclaims to be the oldest tea shop on the path & formed in 1984. Indeed, It was magical! the view from this point was truly remarkable.

Magic Point: midway to Triund trek & oldest food point
Magic Point: Stay here for some time to see the scenic nature’s beauty

The next spread of the trek was quite harder, it became steeper and the altitude difficult but we were trekking with full vitality. As long as we were climbing, we were getting exhausted. While resting, we noticed that a herd of sheep guided by a shepherd dog roaming around; they were huge and suddenly started coming to us swiftly with big horns; it was pretty dead-lock situation in those narrow lanes between Sheep and us, wherein onside was mountain and other-side was big chasm. Eventually, sheep climbed the rocks and gave us a path to proceed, a big thanks to them.

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We were high-spirited to reach the trek, but our body was countering it; once we took any break, it was hard for us to trek froward. The toughest stretch of Triund trek started now…we were now taking recurrent breaks; at last the trekking time was less that resting time. We marshaled all the energy possible and finally, we grasped our camping site.

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But, that 5-6 hours of vigorous trek was completely commendable, the surrounds were just breath-taking with majestic view and pristine snow-capped mountains. It was around 6 pm when we reached our camp; sun was setting down in stunning blushing pearly peach sky, the gold-plated view of the mountains was just splendid and worth capturing the jiffies.

Mesmerizing view of snow covered mountains: Triund
You will be amazed to see the view from Triund Top

After a lovely sunset, we were offered some tea and pakoda by our camp supervisor that was just the Icing on the cake. Although, there was a small shop which had some stock of food and water-bottles as well as some general stuffs.

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We had delicious dinner at camp only arranged by camping in- charge, although if you want to carry your own camp and food you can definitely do that.  The night was as awesome as the day in Triund; those beautiful crystal clear pitch black skies with twinkling stars completely make this place an incredible backdrop for voyager, nonetheless do cover yourself suitably with worm cloths because it’s very windy and chilly at night. Moreover, there is no electricity in Triund, so we had to sleep quickly for the night. (Do not forget to charge your phone fully before leaving for Triund or carry a power bank)

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Next day, we woke-up early morning with an excitement to swig an almighty spectacle of Triund, and as anticipated the sunrise was really miraculous; the surrounding mountains turned into a gold-plated shallow owing to falling sunlight on snow-peaks, the clatter of river from the foot-hill was making entire ambiance extremely melodious, also the twittering of Himalayan birds and the crisp mountain air had a tremendously rejuvenating feeling. Embracing the fascinating charm of Triund was truly a divine feeling and makes this place a true treasure trove for the trekkers and nature lovers.

Beautiful & divine view of morning at Triund


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If you are planning a Trip to Konark (Orissa, India), Check out the below information’s:

HOW TO REACH – TRIUND (ex – Delhi):

By Road: Triund is reachable either from Mcleod Ganj (11 km from Triund) or Dharamshala (17 km from Triund) as well. The place is well connected with cities, and commutation is quite easy and accessible. From New Delhi, you can board an overnight Volvo buses or book a taxi to triund.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Pathankot railway station at a distance of 92 km from McleodGanj and 81 km from Dharamshala. Once you reach to these stations, you can book a  taxi, or take direct buses to Dharmshala & McleodGanj, Punjab Roadways or Himachal Roadways buses are also available.

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Triund from Delhi is Dharamsala-Kangra Airport. You can hire a cab from airport to reach Triund, its ~ 19 KM from the airport.


Summers: May & June are the best season in summer to visit Triund, it becomes extremely amusing in these months and you can enjoy striking landscapes.

Winters/Autumn: September & October are also good time to visit Triund, it becomes very pleasant here during these months. But November end, December-February can get very chilly.

Rainy: July and August are not advisable, since Triund is surrounded by mountains and it may get dangerous during the rainy season due to heavy rainfall or landslides.


  • Warm clothes doesn’t matter which season you are travelling in.
  • Power-bank or spare batteries — there is no electricity.
  • Medical kit.
  • ID cards/ ID proofs- Aadhar card/DL etc.
  • Cash (specially changes).
  • Toffees, candies or Chewing gum.
  • Energy drinks like Glucose, ORS & tang.
  • Insect repellents.
  • Moov or pain killer.
  • Tissue paper.
  • First ad box.
Rejuvenate your Soul & Mind in “Triund”


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