KONARK: the chariot of Sun

Sun Temple: an ancient masterpiece

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Do you like visiting heritages? Does the magic of archeology attract you? Do you want to discover the secret of ancient Indian culture & dynasties? Do you believe in Vastushastra?.….If your answer is yes; Konark is your destination.

“The Konark” : Front Facade

I have some special memories allied with this place; during my childhood days my father used to take us here for vacations. This architecture phenomenon of eastern India is situated in Orissa and surrounded by beautiful tranquil beach, coasts of Bay of Bengal and lots of devout places as well. Few days back, again, I got chance to revive my childhood diaries and I landed in Konark. It was winter time, and I think this is the best time to visit this place as weather is completely accommodating and sun light is apposite in this weather, which is the most important mechanism here. Unlike other historical places Konark is a blend of archeology, science and civilization; it not only depicts the history but also make you feel proud about ancient Indian mythology and cultures. Its name itself explains the clandestine of this place – Sanskrit word Kona means angle and word Arka means sun.

Historical Beauty: Sun Temple
Masterpiece of each walls has a different importance

It was a fresh bright morning, we reached at the entrance of Sun Temple, meanwhile we caught by a professional government certified guide Mr. Patnaik and he insisted us to sign-up him for the testimonial guided tour; as he ensured us to explain all the compelling facts and mysteries of this masterpiece. From the doorway, it looks like a temple and some parts seem ruins at a glance, but how this splendid place converted to a ruin is also an interesting tales.

View from Entrance: Konark

Our excursion commenced with Mr. Patnaik’s intense history talks; he said this masterpiece was built in the 13th century by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty with the help of 1200 artisans in 12 years and designed in the form of a marvelously festooned chariot, which is escalated on 24 wheels and pulled by seven muscular horses.

Wheels of Konark Temple

Mr. Patnaik has really awaken our inquisitiveness to unleash the enigma of this architecture; the most interesting fact reveled by him was the ‘miraculous magnets’ of this masterpiece; the king’s throne used to hover in the median air, by using six massive magnetic stones pillars, situated appropriately which was really surprising to know. But magnet was damaged, put-off and taken away by Britishers as it was  were so powerful and used to magnetize & twist the European ships which used to pass the sea. The second interesting fixation was the ‘Sun Dial” which was used as a clock in ancient era, people still uses it today to check time. The accuracy of this Sundial is hallucinatory; Mr. Patnaik calculated the time by using Sundial without seeing any watch and asked us to check our watch and we were stunned, it was 100% accurate what he said. This monument is the unbelievable amalgamation of science and architecture.

Horses leads the Chariots

After this magnificent demonstration by our guide, we walked around for a little over an hour admiring all the carvings in the walls some of which were really incredible. It has lots of erotic sculptures beautifully chiseled on the wall. Konark is possibly one of the two most widely known monuments of India that swanks celebration of wanton love in ancient Bharat. It’s remarkable to state that the same art is so dramatically exemplified in the spectacular text of Kamasutra.

Sculptures & wheels on the walls on temple

Konark is an exceptional criterion of an ancient architecture, Science and philosophy. Its an abode of the god sun and the way this entire majestic shrine is built on the honor of Sun is truly spectacular. Though Konark temple stands in ruins but it conserves the treasure of Indian ancient archeology and mythology.

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It was a terrific experience to visit this architectural wonder, which hypnotize its visitors with its absolute splendor and artistic performance of dexterity in stone.

You can also visit the beautiful and cleanest sea coast line near konark and very popular among tourists and locals. The amazing calmness and the golden sand makes your soul attach to this kaleidoscope.

We have captured some beautiful pictures that still refreshes our memory of this amazing trip to konark.

Beautiful and Golden Sea Coast
“Camel gazing sun” – Camel ride is popular in kids

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If you are planning a Trip to Konark (Orissa, India), Check out the below information’s:


Konark is situated in the state of Odisha and well connected by road to major cities like Bhubaneswar and Puri. There is no airport/Railway station in Konark but has good road connectivity from major city.

By Air: The nearest domestic airport is at Bhubaneswar, 64 km away from Konark. Bhubaneshwar is  also very well-connected to major cities in India like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad.

By Train: Puri is the closest railway station, approximately 35 km away. Puri is well connected to all major cities in India. Pre-paid taxis are obtainable from Puri railway station to Konark.

By Road: Public transport and State-run buses connect Konark to other major cities in Odisha and other states. Also, private bus services are accessible from Bhubaneshwar and Puri to Konark.


Map Konark
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