Bay-Bees in Krabi Island

Krabi, Thailand: 4 island beach tour

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One day I had an amazing dream of an emerald paradise, the place was like haven, everything was so fascinating; that blue turquoise water, shiny creamy sandy canvas, lucid windy breeze, colorful spectacular fishes, exhilarating orchid flowers and charismatic mountains with fairy tale boat….And suddenly I got awake with a ‘wow’ feeling; and have decided to make this dream come true.  The pursuance to live my dream brought me to ‘Krabi’ Island…nevertheless it was not my dream because this place was far-far magnificent than what I hallucinated.

Dream Island: KRABI, Thailand (Poda island)

The journey of this wonderland started with ‘kapun kha’ & ‘Swaadikha’ of Thai-Airways, means hello in Thai. After a 4hrs of soothing journey along with delicious Thai cuisine and alluring purple orchid flowers greeted by Thai air-hosted, we crossed our first stop Bangkok and without any delay we hopped for our next flight to Krabi. Finally, we arrive at lovely Archipelago-Island and welcomed with an authentic Thai coconut drinks, juicy tropical fruits and traditional Thai massage which was really remarkable to take-off our fatigue. After a delightful Thai lunch with Thai Curry, sea foods, Pat Thai dishes and Chang & Singha drinks; we decided to take a long walk towards near-by popular beaches Ao Nang and the adjoining Noppharat Thara beach.

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi

& when I saw beach…I simply go Crazy !!! Experience Ao-Nang beach with Me

These beaches are really unchecked, calm, less crowded unlike other beaches surrounded by huddle of stunning karsty rocks & enormous lime-stones. Watching sun-set on this beach with breathtaking sea view and ataractic music was actually blissful feeling.

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As being a woman and a shopaholic spirit, how could I have been forgotten exploring local markets; so we headed towards Krabi town; shopping in Krabi may not be as sundry as Bangkok or Phuket, but there are lots of shops which sell conventional Thai handicrafts, beachwear, jewelry, paintings and other mementos. However, the vivacious night bazaar culture is very famous in Krabi town, and is a huge impending into the life of the local populace. While shopping; relishing local street food, local drinks and coconut ice-creams are a pompous experience.

Next day early morning we woke-up with an excitement of 4-island Tour that is to say Tup Island, Phra Nang Beach, Chicken Island, and Poda Island, which is a most popular activity in Krabi. Early morning sharp 8AM, we were picked-up by a travel bus from our hotel and was brought to boat boarding point; after being grouped and briefed on ground, we ensued to the speedboat.

Cruise Ready to rule the waves, Krabi, Thailand

Our boat voyage started with devastating cerulean blue hue waves and spectacular sceneries and we hit our first destination ‘Tup Island’. This place was like wonder-land; the captivating greenish-blue, shiny sea hemmed-in, gleeful red, yellow, purple fishes around me, the sun was sizzling hot & bright and various long-tail boats lined up all along the beach. After having lots of fun and some fabulous dives, we head towards our next island.

Tup Island Amazing View
Tup Island, Fishes are so friendly and Colorful

The next stop was Chicken Island, which is close by Tup Island; Chicken Island got its name from a rock sticking-out from the ground and yes this Island exactly resembles a head of a chicken. Following that, we were brought to vicinity close at hand for snorkeling. I was pretty ecstatic to be snorkeling and swimming as it was the part of itinerary.

Our Cruise approaching the Chicken Island (at Right Hand Side)
Chicken Island, Isn’t it Amazing?

Next astonishing pause was The Poda Island. It was a killer-beauty and far ahead of my imagination, which I had seen in pictures and on Google Images!! A paradise with white soft sand and turquoise jadey water. Just like a delusion in terrain.

Poda Island, a Heaven in Real !!!

The complete milieu seemed to be like a fantasy fiction movie set or ravishing sphere. Poda was stunningly gorgeous; we took a walk along the charismatic beach; while leaving my footprints over waves, I saw the gigantic rock in front of the beach under azure sky; everything together was appearing like a hypnotic orb. Meanwhile, we swiftly had our scrumptious Thai lunch and left for our last wallop of the day.

Artistic placement on Nature’s lap: Poda Island, Thailand

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Ohh wow!!… was another pebbly beach, its bay allied to Railey beach, its called The Phra Nang Cave Beach. Quickly, we were escorted by our tour guide Mr. Jony through the patchy passage in order to reach the Phra Nang Cave Beach for swimming, rock-climbing & Kayaking activity around the beach.

Also, here we spotted some anomalous thing as well which was shrine fabricate within the limestone cave, dedicated to an ancient fertility goddess. Essentially, it was just a quick pause there.

Railey Beach, Krabi, Thailand

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Finally, we returned to the harbor, and swiftly our names were called-out by cab driver for the hotel drop. I was bit gloomy since our wonderful 4-island journey had come to an end with a hypnotic experience; but excited in on other-hand for the next exquisite trip for Hong-island, Phi-phi island and Jams-bond island.

Back to Pavilion

The gloominess of untouched beauty of Thailand’s hidden jewel, Krabi was really enduring and everlastingly for me. The isle’s amazing breathtaking landscapes, fabulous panoramas and postcard perfect beauty cannot be abolish easily from reminiscence. This fairyland kingdom is an ideal getaway for beach bums; away from the exasperate crowd and messy beach resorts, Krabi offers a sense of nirvana, vividness and solitude.

Blue Heaven, Krabi Island, Thailand

“So…If you are in Krabi, get off the internet, disconnect from all your worries, stay tune with nature’s blessings, speak with your sole and enjoy the heaven”.

“Life Time Musafir” printed on Poda Beach Sands, Krabi


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If you are planning a Trip to KRABI (Thailand), Check out the below information’s:


Krabi is located on the south-west coast of Thailand, around 800km from Bangkok and 170km from Phuket. It is easily accessible by road, air and sea.

By Air: Its quite straightforward to reach Krabi, you can take flight from your destination to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Krabi (if you are traveling as a foreigner, out side of Thailand). A number of international and domestic flights operate at the Krabi International Airport, which is to be found about 15 kilometres from the Krabi city centre. Everyday direct flights function to and from Krabi from major cities like Bangkok, Koh Samui, Puket.

By Rail: If you are planning to visit Krabi by train, you should know, there are no direct trains for Krabi. Nevertheless, the nearest train station from Krabi is Trang, which is about 2 hours away from Krabi by bus.

By Road: You can plan a road trip or take direct buses to Krabi, which operate daily from the Southern Bus Terminal of Bangkok and take up to 10 hours to reach Krabi. You can also rent cabs for Krabi. You can also rent-out motor bikes to explore Krabi. Bikes are obtainable for hire on a daily basis; but, one has to pay for fuel and have to deposit original passport.


[Click to see Google Map of Krabi]


(Temperature & Travel Information)

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