Goa diaries-colorful 5 pages

GOA, India: Journey of 5 senses

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GOAAAAA!!!!!!! Whenever, I walk through the memory lane of Goa, a mesmerizing flashback runs in my mind and my beachy sole awakes with salty breeze, sandy toes, fabulous shores, tranquil waves, cool beer canes, smiling sun, swanky shacks, yummy sea foods and big sunglasses. Goa is exactly how you visualize it to be, a beach for everyone, an exhilarating night life, bizarre food, fantastic histories and relaxing seashores – a finding fenny for every tourist.

However, Goa is not amongst the offbeat places and I am sure many of you have already been to this paradise. So, here I am sharing few pages of my Goa dairies.  Actually, Goa offers you a kaleidoscope of contrasting moods, culture and beaches. So, here I am sharing my experiences, how Goa made me feel:

Best of Goa Moments: LifeTimeMusafir

GoaParadise for Clubbers and Party animals

As being an enthusiastic party hopper, we decided to explore Goa’s party episodes at night and we started our bullet ride on Goa’s streets. After some time, we realized that this city awakes after sun-set and sleeps at dawn. Goa’s vivacious clubs, intoxicating beach parties and loud music made me a spot-on Hippie. While probing nightlife in Goa; it unquestionably made me feel that, I am roaming in a pleasure Island’s eternal nightspot. Boozing and hooking-up hookah at sea soars; releasing sky lantern; singing and dancing in moony beaches; playing with my luck at Royal casinos and beach-front bonfire & barbeque at vibrant Shacks, really raised my feelings to ecstasy.


North Goa is essentially for party-lovers and offers thousands of discos and clubs; due to countless choices, a big confusion befallen ‘where to go?’, but after having so much inquiry from local guys, we decided to hit the most famous pub of Goa ‘Club Cubana’.

and then, struggling along the massive traffic, huge crowd and bumpy ride on the Goa’s street, we reached at the foot of Arpora Hill, where a hoarding with big golden lips stated a right direction towards ‘Club Cubana’. Finally, we reached Club Cubana; we were astonished by its flashy and chromatic ambience, pulsated energetic music and orchestrated beat dance. The place was full of hollering crowd along with puffy bosom luxury snow coated loungers, Jacuzzi and neon flourishing rays.

After having an awesome splashy party dozes off, we headed towards ‘Saturday Night Market’ located in Arpora, its a kind of flea market  and sells hand-made accessories, beer, junk jewelry, carpets, apparel and many more. I didn’t find it worth, its similar to Sarojani and Janpath market in Delhi

Without wasting time here, we left off for the ‘Baga Beach’, one of the Goa’s top party beach, a zinging nightclubs hub and hopping ‘shack life’. Boozers can have lots of choices here in Titos lane with Tito’s club; one of the oldest pub in Goa for the geeks & crazy peoples, Cape Town Café, Café Membos, Cafe La Musica, Ivy, Cocktails and Dreams, Kamakis many more. Next evening, we continued our party mood with rumbling and boogieing nightlife and again hit other fizzy beach shacks and bars, puzzling and frisky pubs like LPK Waterfront (Love Passion Karma) in Nerula, SinQ in Candolim beach, Curlies Shack in Anjuna beach, Hill Top in Vagator beach and Leopard Valley in South Goa Palolem beach.

We actually had a splendid nightlife experience with breezy sea wind, sandy feet, loud music, chilled beer, happening shacks, eerie hippy and enigmatic pubs.

Goa: for sports and adventure maniacs

Hummm! I love adventures and am a true adventure buff. Thus, to explore some trilling waves and vital adrenaline flashes, we reached to Candolim beach in north Goa. After, an endless option for water activities and huge barging, I decided to go for Kneeboarding, Wakeboarding, Banana ride and Jet skiing first and later I tried Parasailing, Water Skiing and Paddleboarding. It was an electrifying experience for me, specially gliding through the sea surface and drifting on golden coasts; Its like touching the splash of beautiful silver waves, a prolonged coastline, breezy shores and sunny skies.

After this heart-pumping water adventures, we had to lookout for some soothing water activities like Kayaking, Fishing, cruse and Yacht; so we went to Palolem beach in south Goa. While doing Kayaking and Yacht, I truly enjoyed the magnificence of the Goan shores and its beautiful natural ecology; also, witnessing the splendor of the ocean and calming in the quiet environs of the Arabian Sea were an awesome moments. Although, Wind-surfing and Scuba-Diving are not very usual at all the places; so, I did not get chance to do these sports. Well, for the Scuba-diving places like Grande Islands, St. George Island, Devagh Island, and Pigeon Island are best.

Goafor heritage lovers

Well !!! I have never thought that Goa would have such an amazing heritage treasures. I used to fantasize Goa as a beach paradise and party hub, but I was wrong; when I explored the history, culture and monuments of the city, I found that Goa is a perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese architecture in the form of churches and cathedrals.  After too much beach walk, we really wanted to discover something different; so we took a bullet ride towards old Goa. While visiting the streets of old Goa, we sensed the real lure of Goa, which exist in its ethnic heritage. I was certainly astonished by its Portuguese designs, magnificent churches and lofty exteriors. In fact! We devoted an entire day to Goa heritage expedition, but it was not enough to cover whole legacy; nonetheless we managed to sightsee main spots like Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Fontainhas,  Fort  Aguada, Chandor and house of Goa museum. Don’t forget to clutch your camera, a diary & pen during the Goa heritage tour; you will have a memorable experience in Goa’s heritage realm.


Goa– for unconventional travelers

I love exploring offbeat and bizarre places, so I thought Goa may have some freakish places, but it has many. Though, Goa is well-known for its classic beaches, happening Night Life, Chilled Beer, Sea Diet and Off-Shore Casinos, but it also offers medley experiences to its travelers. I was really excited to discover Goa’s unknown face, and our first uncharted stoppage was “Doodh-Sagar” waterfall. When we reached here, I got trapped by its beauty; a white milky waterfall spouting and roaring towards a stony surface with opulent green surroundings and a train is passing in the forefront, the whole scenery was so astounding. Our next expedition was ‘Savoi Spice Garden’; as being a spice lover, how could I have ignored this place. It was really altogether different experience in this 200-year-old tropical plantation; quite a lonely place with coconuts, betel nuts and pineapples plants. When we entered inside the garden, we were welcomed with garden-fresh pomegranate juice and cardamom bananas and also an expert guide came to us, who was ready to walk us through the plantation at your own pace; other than this incredible spice tour some handy- crafts and couple of cottages for overnight stays also available as well as they offered us a bathing with elephants inside the garden.

Apart from these places we planned to cover some more untapped place like Chorla Ghats, Netravalli – Bubbling lake, Chapora fort, Cumbarjua canal, Bat Island and Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary.

Goafor Pacifist and Soulful

“A Nirvana for those, who love to relaxes, refreshes and revives” 

Goa has different shades, and every shade has its own beauty. Sometimes its very loud on pub’s dance floors; sometime it turns too adventures; sometimes it comes to be a historiographer and sometimes imparts enlightenment of peace. Though, I fell in love with its all the shades but its ‘Pacifist Avatar’ was my favorite one.  The pursuit of becoming ‘tranquil sole’ brought me to ‘South Goa’. Specifically, South-Goa is the best place for peace lovers.


I found this dwelling, an ideal destination for any peace-monger; person like me who really desires to spend time on soothing shores along with my favorite book and wish to cool out with chilled bear in lonely beach as well as wanna energizes with gentle soils & bright sun rays must visit south goa. I personally like south-goa than north-goa, as it has enormous virgin and unspoiled beaches. We have first preferred to discover ‘Palolem beach’ in south goa to sense its splendor of white sandy beaches, leaning Palm trees and coconut grows.


After a long sandy-walk, we reached to our beach huts, as it was my first beach-hut stay, so I was too excited to sojourn there; watching waves from the fancy-hut and lying down on beach-bed with chilled beer, spicy snacks and sea food were actually a heavenly sensation. I had never imagined such an amazing morning at seaside; we took a long beach walk and reached to a tiny green lake, from this point we tracked a gigantic black rock towards Neptune point; this spot has some magical vibrations, suddenly we started feeling like we are in a small wonderland, breathing the purists air in this world.

In the noon-time, we also travelled some stunning Islands like Butter-fly Island, Honeymoon Island, Monkey Island and Dolphin show in Palolem beach. Next day we reconnoitered some other tranquil destination like Agonda beach, Benaulim beach, Bogmalo beach and Majorda Beach. In North Goa, there are very few destination for peacenik people like Arambol beach and its sweet water lake zone and Vagator beach sunset destination.

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My Goa trip is an unforgettable voyage, it really offered me an eternal joy and sense of harmony. I can never forget my sandy toes, peppy shorelines, tan skin, cherishing sunrise, romantic sunset and peaceful beach walk beaches because the voice of the sea speaks to the spirit.


Everytime I’m thinking of Goa, I am remembering Best of Moments.

Below is mine, Share with me your ‘Best of Moments’ on

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Part 1: Juley Ladakh: Journey Begins

Part 2: Road Trip to Pangyong Lake from LEH

Part 3 – Road Trip to Nubara Valley from LEH

If you are planning a Trip to GOA, Check out the below information’s:


  • By Road: GOA is well connected by motorable roads. Tourists are visiting here from Mumbai and Pune by self drive also.
  • By Rail: Goa is well connected by railways and many tourists prefer a overnight train journey to reach here. There are 3 main Railway stations: Madgoan, Thivim and Karmali.
  • By Air: The Dabolim International Airport is well connected by all major airports.



  1. Attire: Shorts, all Cotton wear, floral and bright color cloths, funky beats, swim suits and scarfs etc. If you are going in winter season carry a thin shrug or light jacket, you may feel bit cold in the morning or night.
  2. Sun protection: sunscreen 17-40 SPF, Fancy Goggles & hats and umbrella.
  3. On Beach: Carry sleepers only, moisturizer, mats and water-bottle.
  4. Other Stuffs: Camera, ID cards, bag-packs, Cash, sanitizer, water-proof bags etc.



Though tourists visits Goa across the year, but the Best season is Winter (November t0 March) and full of festivals, but you will find the place crowdy during this period.



  1. Sun Burn Festival:
    1. Location: Vagator Beach (earlier is used to be help in Candolim Beach)
    2. Time: Late December
    3. Attraction: Commercial electronic dance music Festival held in party destinations of Goa. It is Asia’s largest music festival.
  1. Goa Carnival:
    1. Location: Panjim, Mapusa, Margoa and Vasco da Gama
    2. Time: February to March
    3. Attraction: Goa Carnival reveals the rich culture and tradition of the state.
  1. Christmas:
    1. Location: All church areas and entire Goa celebrates this
    2. Time: Last week of December
    3. Attraction: Christmas is a cheerful time for Goans. Christmas in Goa has its own magic.
  1. San Joao:
    1. Location: In Siolim
    2. Time: 24th June
    3. Attraction: The feast of St John the Baptist. Goans jumps into wells, rivers and ponds and get well tanked with feni/local drinks. They also organize colourful boat races.
  1. Ganesh Chaturthi:
    1. Location: PAN Goa
    2. Time: September
    3. Attraction: Celebration of elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, in which people enjoy traditional Hindu dance and music.

Other Festivals like Bonderam Festival, Feast Of Three Kings, Shigmotsav and  St. Francis Day are also celebrated in Goa.




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Picture Courtesy – few pictures in this Goa blog are taken from google images and we do not have any rights on those public images, except for the images owned by LifeTimeMusafir.com with logo of Khokha ; any issues with any pictures kindly write to us at lifetimemusafir@gmail.com for necessary actions.

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